The CES Insomnia Treatment Device
The CES Insomnia Treatment Device
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The CES Insomnia Treatment Device

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The CES Stimulator® is a medical device for the treatment of stress and stress-related disorders. It employs gentle electrical stimulation to the head (cranial electrical stimulation) to help normalize brain functioning.

The CES Ultra is registered with and regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

CES units have been used internationally since the 1950s and are well-researched for their safety and effectiveness.

  • Often effective where drugs have failed
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Pediatric to geriatric applications
  • More cost-effective than medications
  • Non habit-forming or addictive


CES & Stress

Stress is America's number one health problem. According to the American Medical Association, stress is implicated in 80% of all illness, and stress-related problems account for 90% of our visits to primary-care physicians.

There are many different approaches to stress management. CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) is one of the most dramatic and effective that is now available.

CES's most immediate impact is reduction of anxiety. Many experience that relief in the course of treatment; others, in the hours, or days afterwards. CES leaves the user feeling both relaxed and alert. Its effect differs from pharmaceutical treatments in that people report feeling their bodies as lighter and more relaxed and their mind more alert and clear. Results are cumulative and lasting.


1. Noninvasive
2. No side effect
3. Drug free




Are you suffering the following ?
* Difficulty to fall asleep 
* Sleep lightly(caused by nightmare) 
* Energy can’t be recovery after sleep 
* Easily awakened, be sensitive to voice or light 
* Insomnia caused by body disease 
* Caused by mental or emotional disease 
* Caused by alcohol, irritant or other things 
* Depression, anxiety, fatigue, absent-minded 
CES Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation helps you out of these sufferings.
product name  CES insomnia treatment device 
Pulse modulation frequency 0Hz~15Hz
Pulse duration 100ms±10ms
Single pulse width  2ms±0.4ms
Pulse repetition rate 250Hz±50Hz
Lithium battery voltage 110v~240v
Treatment Time 15mins 30mins 45mins 60mins
Power range 6 levels adjustable




Chronic pain /pain related disorders


What Is CES ?


Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is a form of non-invasive brain stimulation that applies a small, pulsed electric current across a person's head to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.
In June 2014, the FDA announced that it "has determined that there is sufficient information to establish special controls, and that these special controls, together with general controls, will provide a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness for CES devices.

In this action, FDA is withdrawing the proposed rule and proposed order to call for PMAs for CES devices.

FDA plans to issue a proposed order in the future for the reclassification of the CES device into class II.
CES is approved by Health Canada for over-the-counter treatment of insomnia and chronic pain.CES is also approved by the European Union for over-the-counter treatment of depression, anxiety and insomnia.


How does the device work 


This machine adopts CES therapy (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation), use low
intensity small electric current to stimulate brain with
frequency, improve abnormal brain waves, increase deep sleep time, to achieve the effective treatment result of Insomnia-Sleeplessness
and neurasthenia.
How It Works for sleeplessness?
Sleeplessness starts in your brain , where electrochemical signals called 
neurotransmitters control whether we are asleep or awake . Our machine 
insomnia treatment safely modulates the brain's electrochemical signals, 
ringing these signals back into balance with electrotherapy.

How It Works for depression and anxiety?
Your moods and emotions , including anxiety ,are controlled through 
electrochemical signals in your brain . When these signals aren't 
functioning properly,the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate 
your emotions can become unbalanced. Our machine use low frequency 
pulse stimulate the brain , transfer the signal to brain and make it relax.

How It Works for Pain (Chronic pain / Migraine)?
The sensation of pain is transmitted through your body along billions of 
nerve cells that are specifically designed to transmit pain messages 
through electrochemical signals . Our electrotherapy device uses a 
micro-current? waveform effectively modulates the signals within the cell 
to provide significant pain relief and pain management without medication.

Starting a 7-Day Trial

When you purchase a devise through this website, it is shipped directly to your home. You may return the device for a 100% refund within 07 days of receipt, free of charge (a return shipping label is included). 

How to use the device 





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